Shabbos of Gadlus

Explore Torah Greatness to Unlock Your Inner Greatness

Shabbos Parshas
Shekalim /
Vayakhel, March 9

Each of us is endowed by Hashem with unique greatness, and our mission in life is to identify and unlock that inner greatness. Hashem plants special individuals in every generation – Gedolim – through whose example and teachings we can discover the keys to unlocking our greatness (Gadlus). Klal Yisrael recently lost one of those special Gedolim whose life and learning spoke to the people of our generation. Rav Matisyahu Salomon ZT”L, the Mashgiah of the Gateshead and Lakewood Yeshivos, was a Gadol who understood our world and its challenges.  We may not have had the opportunity to meet him, but we have the privilege to learn about his life and Torah through one of his preeminent students.

Rabbi Yechiel Biberfeld, Rosh Kollel of The Philadelphia Community Kollel (and brother of our very own R’ Chaim!), is a very close Talmid of the Mashgiach who authored six seforim of the Mashgiach’s discourses. Join us as Rabbi Biberfeld shares from the life and teachings of the Mashgiach, giving us a glimpse of his Gadlus and a window into our own.